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Rule1 Essential Amino 9

Rule1 Essential Amino 9

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Product Description:

When it comes to supporting muscle building and maintenance, these nine "essential" amino acids are aptly titled. Since they can't be synthesized within our bodies, they must be obtained through nutritional sources. R1 Essential Amino 9 delivers 7.5g of essential amino acids in every serving, plus added electrolytes for hydration.*

With all 9 EAAs, 4 electrolyte minerals, zero stimulants, and a variety of thirst-quenching flavors to choose from, our Essential Amino 9 works well during and after workouts.^

  • 7.5g essential amino acids*
  • 5g BCAAs*
  • 500mg electrolyte blend*
  • ZERO Banned Substances
  • ZERO Added Sugar
  • ZERO Gluten
  • ZERO Stimulants


Suggested Use:

Mix one (1) scoop of R1 Essential Amino 9 with 8-12 oz. of cold water or your favorite beverage. 


Alternate Suggested Use 

On non-training days, enjoy it any time for additional recovery and hydration support.


Servings Per Container:

30 Servings




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